The carnival is over 

The exhibition seems like a lifetime ago. Taking it down took a fraction of the time to set up. There was the great pleasure in delivering or packing and posting some works to their new owners (thanks! you know who you are) and a bit of figuring out where to store the pieces which came home. 

Still no work in the studio though, because it became Travel Admin Central – sorting out the schedule, the documents, the wardrobe and of course, the all-important “art on the move” kit. Of which, more later. 

orange shoes on blue suitcase


Feeling the squeeze 

  Nearly ready for exhibition!
The gallery has a suspended-hook hanging system. Sometimes I envy painters and all those who frame their work, with that handy string across the back!

My quilts need “something for a hook to hook onto” plus  some structure to keep them spread flat on the wall.  I want to keep them as soft, light and flexible as possible. 
A bit of experimentation is required. The answer this time is to add a bar of very light stiff wood across the back with one or more cord loops for the hanging hook to catch. 

I quite enjoy this final bit of engineering, especially the opportunity to borrow tools -and a handy assistant- from the other studio in my home. 

With any luck this will all be invisible to you when you visit- Kumeu Arts Centre March 29 to April 9. 

Four on the board

 fabric scraps pinned  to board Today I’ve started the physical work of making four new quilts for my upcoming exhibition. 

I begin with the colour idea and select from my scrap pieces baskets. I love those baskets- sometimes it seems I work more from them than from my big pieces of fabric. No matter how much I take out, they always seem to fill up again. A kind of quilter’s cornucopia. I think they began life as CD storage.

6 small rectangular   baskets  stacked  drawer-fashion in a frame You can see the brown/black scraps basket on the ground in the foreground of the pinboard photo.

I’ve pinned the pieces to a big sheet of Styrofoam. One column for each quilt, graduating from light to dark so I can keep track of how much I have of each. I’ll compose each one separately, but at this stage it’s helpful to see the ingredients in relation to each other. 

Can you guess the inspiration behind my four selections of fabrics?


 wall planner chart with lots filled in 
2016 will be a big year for me, so PLANNING was right at the top of last night’s do-list

I love to wing it, be spontaneous, trust that everything will be all right on the night. It usually is! And much more exciting. I hate listing and planning and scheduling, and I think of them as workplace disciplines.

Now that my studio is my primary workplace, and i want to get a lot done…I have to admit I can use them here too. It’s been working better than Spontaneous Sarah likes to admit. 

I also have to admit that i spent most of the day scraping paint off architraves, which was about no. 8 on the do-list. But, just in time before bedtime, voila! The wall-planner hung & embellished with the known, suspected and desired elements of the first half of 2016. Whew.

Something completely different

I’ve been at the opposite end of my art practice today – working towards an exhibition in late March. It’s a 2-person show, the other artist is a photographer/printmaker and makes wonderful photocollages. We met when our work was hung together in a group show- we liked the effect so much we decided to make it happen again.
Today we met up to look at more of each other’s work and play with ideas for our show, including some possible collaborative works and some crossover. Very exciting! You’ll be hearing a lot more about this, please save the opening date, Tuesday 29th March. 

Here’s a sneak preview of something that might be on show


The deep end of the Exhibits Hall

Today was my first ever session as a sales person on “booth duty” in the conference exhibition hall.  I went as a training exercise, to “observe and learn from the best”

That was the theory. And I did. For a while. After that, it got kinda busy, and there were customers waiting, and a spare demo station, so…

…I joined in.

Scary? yes. Educational? definitely. Fun? hell, yeah!