I am my mother

We are so alike.

Once upon a time this would have bugged me terribly. Now it’s comfortable, friendly, a source of comfort and compassion, a foundation for cooperation.
No doubt it’s been true forever, but it seems recent. Maybe it’s to do with a bit more relaxation on her side and more maturity on mine.
Maybe as we both grow up we are learning to like ourselves and the reflection of ourselves in each other.


I am my mother-in-law.

I realised today that my quiet, no-fuss, engineer husband is even smarter than I thought he was.

Not only was he smart enough to recognise and secure unto himself the marvel that is me, he has also Married His Mother.
This realisation has been dawning on me for a while. Spent the last 24 hours with my lovely mother-in-law. If course she’s lovely, she’s Just Like Me!
*we like the same breakfast
*we find the same things funny (almost everything but especially the male members of the family)
*we are both crafty needlewomen
…the list could go on for some time.
We had a super-fun day together, sewing, knitting and playing with her extremely flash embroidery machine. Now I know I don’t need one myself, I’ve got a pal who loves to share.
The blokes didn’t get many words in edgeways, but the clever chaps like it like that.
Being able to be friends with the in-laws is a great blessing.

Pharmaceutical Comforter

It all started at St Joseph’s Primary School. Back then “fundraising” was known as “collecting for the Missions”. What we collected was tinfoil. I doubt any of my class knew what the Missions were doing, or how our tinfoil would help, but we religiously collected each bottletop (remember them!).

Fastforward at least 30 years to me looking at my foil medication packets. No way can I treat them like rubbish. They represent the best strategy yet in managing my disordered mind… and they’re tinfoil! And look, they’re layered, with air in the middle. In a grid format. Kinda like a quilt really. So, the inevitable quilt project begins

This one has to be functional, of course. Blister packs are a bit stiff and scratchy to make a quilt that is nice to sleep under. After a few samples I decide on a simple half-square triangle block embellished with a packet.

It’s very boring in the middle phase of making and embellishing all the blocks. Now that is done I’m enjoying playing with different layouts. Here’s my favourite so far

More about the making of Pharmaceutical Comforter

the 5th blog of Christmas – my not-so-wicked step-grandmother

My mother married a man with 6 siblings. Their mother turned 80 today. It’s been a long happy day full of food, drink, laughter, short heartfelt speeches, long rambling conversations. It was a wonderful gift to suddenly become part of a large and close extra family.

To cap it all off, tomorrow we put aside our party clothes and go fishing!

3rd blog of Christmas – hurrying towards peace

Today we drove North for 5 hours to reach my Mum’s home on Doubtless Bay. It’s beautiful here and of course I have already got salt in my hair, and sand under my toenails.

It’s incredible how fast the holiday effect kicks in – energy to do stuff I couldn’t usually be bothered with, combined with peacefulness and patience that seems effortless.