New Year

Smiley Sarah looking up!My birthday falls on the last day of the year so I often feel the New Year feeling a day ahead of the people around me.

What a year! I’m enormously grateful for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences. The great obvious stand-out has been 3 months of studio time in beautiful Cappadocia Turkey. Here I am, entranced by the 11th century decoration of the dome of the El Nazar stone church.

Who knows what the new year will bring! I wish you all good health and positive circumstances.


gratitude, again

I’m sure I’ve written about gratitude before. It’s still a somewhat selfish activity – most times I’m deliberately practicing gratitude because I know it’s one of my best strategies in the battle against gloom. There is nothing more effective in quelling a pity-party than counting your blessings, speaking aloud an audit of beatitude.

But sometimes, there’s a spontaneous magical moment of simple joyous realization of how good and beautiful life is.  I like to think those moments come as a result of deliberate practice.

Thank you, holy universe, for those moments.

The birthday

December 31 is my birthday. It’s an odd date, but it’s the one that late 60s obstetric practice delivered (yes, that was intentional) and at least there’s always fireworks.

There was a lot more than fireworks this year : a beautiful location, a fun challenge, numerous good and kind wishes, some art making, time with friends and a swim in the ocean. And a kitten.
Feeling lucky, blessed and glad to have made it to 45. 

One perfect day:

Waking early, refreshed, easily

A tiny kitten for company
Yoga outdoors for an hour
Walking to the beach and back over a big hill – hard work but easy too
Making art from scraps
Visiting the Art Gallery – blown away by Hotere
Gelato – raspberry&rosewater
Meeting up with a series of beloved friends
Receiving a delightful gift
Contemplating an emotional challenge, moving toward resolution
Drinking a single glass of superb wine
Resting in peace in beautiful surroundings