Cappadocia redux

Well I’m lucky enough to be back in the same little stone house in Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. It feels so different in summer.

Getting over the long journey, spending time with friends and in nature has been more of a priority, but the studio is starting to take shape. I think there will be a design wall here…

Bare white stone Studio wall with a high shelf holding beautiful handmade books (gifts) and some nz mementos


New Year

Smiley Sarah looking up!My birthday falls on the last day of the year so I often feel the New Year feeling a day ahead of the people around me.

What a year! I’m enormously grateful for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences. The great obvious stand-out has been 3 months of studio time in beautiful Cappadocia Turkey. Here I am, entranced by the 11th century decoration of the dome of the El Nazar stone church.

Who knows what the new year will bring! I wish you all good health and positive circumstances.

Life as a working artist. Part 6, Delivery

Today I delivered my first artquilt commission to very happy clients. I’m rather happy myself.

The work looked great, met/exceeded expectations and was ready slightly ahead of schedule. 
This project was a gift in so many ways: Recycling my professional skills in project management, client relationships and service delivery management.  
Working with people I respect, admire and enjoy spending time with.
Making something unique and beautiful, inspired by a joyous event.

Can’t share the whole thing, but here are the last stitches going into the binding.

So, today is definitely a day living the dream and feeling truly grateful.

I am my mother-in-law.

I realised today that my quiet, no-fuss, engineer husband is even smarter than I thought he was.

Not only was he smart enough to recognise and secure unto himself the marvel that is me, he has also Married His Mother.
This realisation has been dawning on me for a while. Spent the last 24 hours with my lovely mother-in-law. If course she’s lovely, she’s Just Like Me!
*we like the same breakfast
*we find the same things funny (almost everything but especially the male members of the family)
*we are both crafty needlewomen
…the list could go on for some time.
We had a super-fun day together, sewing, knitting and playing with her extremely flash embroidery machine. Now I know I don’t need one myself, I’ve got a pal who loves to share.
The blokes didn’t get many words in edgeways, but the clever chaps like it like that.
Being able to be friends with the in-laws is a great blessing.

The legion of teachers

I’ve learned a lot from books but more from humans.

Almost every skill, piece of knowledge or strong memory has a person attached.
Maybe this is a result of my gratitude practice Each time I exercise a skill, use some knowledge or review a memory, the person arises from my memory and I thank them silently.
Chris, who clarified depreciation accounting; Annette, who gave me the key to perfect mitred bias binding; Julie, who taught me how to find my “head voice”. There must be hundreds of others. 
I think of you all as the benefactors of my life. I honour you by using your gifts as well as I can – and by sharing what I have received.