Yesterday the snow came!

It’s the first time I’ve seen it falling, walked in it while it’s falling. No photos because I discovered it’s Cold. Wet. Slippery.

And Utterly enchanting. Nature never fails…


Portrait by one feature: shoulders

He’s a short man, made to look shorter by the disproportionate breadth of his shoulders.  They nearly ended his life before he had a chance to draw breath -a struggle for him and Mother to achieve his birth, both battered and bruised.

Those shoulders powered kayaks through white water, hockey balls into the net, sometimes knuckles into faces. I learned their breadth most accurately, making custom-fit shirts short enough, lean through the torso, with room for the bulky deltoid and trapezius muscles.

That frame gives him the posture of a fighter, of a man who carries the world on  his broad, broad shoulders.

Portrait by one feature: toes

Sometimes you need only one of their features to bring a whole person to mind. An excellent observation practice for the working artist.

Tenfold, no losses, broken One hides the memory of her pain
Tinted – the bolder the better.
An almost-perfect curving arc of graduating lengths.
Big Ones lean a little away from centre, witness to winkle-pickers past.
Otherwise we are all straight, strong, flexible, talented!
Number 4 nestles slightly under number 3
Tiny 5 has a triangular nail. She too shows the signs of the search for the perfect shoe.

We have learned to accept the Jandal, but go everywhere we can unwrapped. Best of all in the ocean. 
By my toes shall ye know me.