First draft

The first few “marks” on yesterday’s boring canvas. A good time to step back and look afresh. Many changes ahead. 

Also the first work inspired by my recent travels. I feel great pleasure in moving from the sketchbook to the fabric board at last. 


Not very thrilling to look at…

quilt. batting with ruler and cutterThis may be the least-exciting photo I ever share. 

It’s plain cotton/wool quilt batting. The preferred foundation for my fabric strip collage works. 

Which is to say, I’m starting to compose new pieces based on my recent travels. My next progress shots can’t fail to be more interesting!

Feeling the squeeze 

  Nearly ready for exhibition!
The gallery has a suspended-hook hanging system. Sometimes I envy painters and all those who frame their work, with that handy string across the back!

My quilts need “something for a hook to hook onto” plus  some structure to keep them spread flat on the wall.  I want to keep them as soft, light and flexible as possible. 
A bit of experimentation is required. The answer this time is to add a bar of very light stiff wood across the back with one or more cord loops for the hanging hook to catch. 

I quite enjoy this final bit of engineering, especially the opportunity to borrow tools -and a handy assistant- from the other studio in my home. 

With any luck this will all be invisible to you when you visit- Kumeu Arts Centre March 29 to April 9. 

Setting up shop

Today I opened my Etsy shop – a key item in my plan to be a self-sustaining artist. 

You’ll see the sofaQuilts I still have in hand from last year’s busy stitching.

Please take a look and do any or all of the following:

  • let me know what you think
  • Share with your pals
  • Buy a sofaQuilt!

Thanks as always for your interest and encouragement 😘

Lots of quilting!

It’s easy to gauge my progress with the quilting pile. Full safety pin tin = not too many quilts waiting. There have been a few times I’ve needed to go to the store for more pins…
Some people prefer a spray or iron-in glue to hold the layers together, finding pins hard on the hands. I make too much mess with glues! A teaspoon takes the pain out of closing all those pins.