I’ve brought a few tools (needles, scissors, pliers) and a little handful of threads. Every other material must be found.

Here I’m patching together SHINY teabag packets. This in response to realising that my darling little stone house has no mirror to a check how fabulous i look each morning. A totally non-functional activity probably deserves a totally non-functional artwork.

Quite a few of the rubbishy things I’ve been gathering are shiny. I’m a magpie from way back! This is a fun way to use them for once.

There’s nothing like a change of location and lifestyle to bring to mind how much is automatic. I have no idea what will come out of this and most days that’s ok.


Marking a curve

curved  lines of stitching on collaged fabric on  fuzzy battingCurved lines!! Stitched spontaneously without marking!!! This is something completely new for me. The works seemed to want it…I’m a bit doubtful, but  it’s early in the process.  Samples would have been a good idea. Think of all the unpicking if I don’t like it…curved  lines of stitching on collaged fabric on  fuzzy batting