That magic moment when the junky found bits of rubbish* pick themselves up off the table and assemble themselves into something 3D. Everything good comes in time, with practice but without pushing. I wish I could remember that more consistently. In time! Zaman var.

A better picture will come in the morning light. And maybe a title. Feel free to suggest one.

*heavily frayed electrical cable, disposable plastic spoon, used dummy bullet. All collected in Göreme.


How long does it take? Part 2, Are you really asking about duration?

I am still figuring out how to answer this question.

It comes most often from the non-crafty, non-artist person looking at my work, with perhaps a degree of horrified fascination.
They are (at minimum) intending to show a polite interest. They are (I think) baffled by the mechanics of creation.
Like a good former reference librarian, I can’t take this question at face value. I want to climb into their head a little, figure out what it is they really want to know.
If the question was “how long did it take?” that’s amenable of a brief answer:elapsed time at x intensity.
However, the question is almost always “how long DOES it take?” and I think that’s a deeper question about ongoing process and the experience of making. 
Am I right? 

The photo shows a king-sized quilt of hand-pieced 3-D bow tie blocks, 4 inches square. By the end of the project I could stitch one with my eyes shut, in about 15 minutes. I made them only when travelling, over a period of about 7 years. How long did that take? To me, it is the least interesting element.

How long does it take..? Part 1

Once upon a time I had hair long enough to sit on (which is a most unpleasant thing to actually do). I lost it as the result of a bit of drama. A story for another day.

People were always wondering if it took a lot of time to care for. 
Nothing could be further from the truth. Undo the overnight braid, Rapunzel; twirl it around a few times and stick something interesting through the nest. 1 minute. Easy-peasy, super quick.
Now it’s short and to look good requires a daily soaping, a selection of sticky products, hot-air drying with 2 sizes of brush, generally quite a bit of fuss. Minimum 15 minutes.
Or, I can leave it be. In the interests of doing something more interesting with my time.
If you know me on Facebook, you may have seen my Bed Head Project. Selfies straight out of bed. Immortalising the wonderful styling efforts of the feather pillow. Much more fun than all that hot air!
Thanks to Corin for the inspiration for this post 🙂

Waking up to making

Space and time are always the requirements for creation. The stuff of making. This week I have the blessing if both. I’m making – completing – a very simple project long in the making, but I’m also beginning to feel a renewed interest in something with much more potential. Starting somewhere, sometime, like this

Fabric yet again from Dye-it. I had a buying spree when they closed. I love their work.