As i may have mentioned earlier, I didn’t bring much with me in the way of studio equipment or materials.

Pliers, scissors, watercolour paintbox, craft knife, glue stick, needles, threads

Sometimes this has been Extremely Frustrating. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed the simplicity. And the challenge of improvising.

Today I discovered a plinth for my first 3D piece by uniting a vacuum cleaner box (of which more later) + black plastic bag + chunk of polystyrene.

…also a way to display my bilingual loving-kindness mantra, thanks to a somewhat dodgy light switch.

I’m feeling ridiculously pleased with these two small steps towards creating a gallery in my middle room. It’s nearly there: plain white walls, decent light and no furniture. If I can just scrounge a hammer and about 8m of light wire i can improvise a hanging system!


Tools are cool

I love to use the right tool for the job. I love tools that are well-made and support me in my making. Here are three of my favourites:

 A “butcher’s knife” by Mr John Russell who took great care in helping me select exactly the right one. It has transformed my culinary practice. You can get your own effortless slice of his action at the Coatesville Market

  A thimble! I could never use one until Debby Williams’ hand-quilting class. Debby taught me how to select a thimble to fit and use it comfortably. She also kindly gifted this one, still my favourite.

My Singer Featherweight sewing machine (stop looking at the kitten! That’s Tiny #Catmate, I’ll tell you about her another day)

Miss Feathers is a delight: compact, sturdy, portable and sews the most perfect straight stitch.

What are your favourite tools?