Little bits of nonsense

Three little artworks on the studio wall

High time I showed something of what I’ve been up to. In essence, lots of messing about without stern objective or excessive critique. Lovely, I recommend it!

Left to right:

A paper chain – each link the strip torn off a teabag packet. Needle and thread still attached ready to add with the next cup. This is fun in itself and I expect it to become part of something else.

A collage of ATM receipts, teabag paper and tags, found knitwear scrap and painted papers. Türkiye Garanti Bankası receipts are my favourite, with their reverse print of something like a four-leafed clover.

A hanging lamp crafted from a fine plastic bag, the frame some found wire. I brought the strip of LEDs from home, they reflect on streamers of chopped up tea packet- cerise & silver foil.



As i may have mentioned earlier, I didn’t bring much with me in the way of studio equipment or materials.

Pliers, scissors, watercolour paintbox, craft knife, glue stick, needles, threads

Sometimes this has been Extremely Frustrating. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed the simplicity. And the challenge of improvising.

Today I discovered a plinth for my first 3D piece by uniting a vacuum cleaner box (of which more later) + black plastic bag + chunk of polystyrene.

…also a way to display my bilingual loving-kindness mantra, thanks to a somewhat dodgy light switch.

I’m feeling ridiculously pleased with these two small steps towards creating a gallery in my middle room. It’s nearly there: plain white walls, decent light and no furniture. If I can just scrounge a hammer and about 8m of light wire i can improvise a hanging system!


That magic moment when the junky found bits of rubbish* pick themselves up off the table and assemble themselves into something 3D. Everything good comes in time, with practice but without pushing. I wish I could remember that more consistently. In time! Zaman var.

A better picture will come in the morning light. And maybe a title. Feel free to suggest one.

*heavily frayed electrical cable, disposable plastic spoon, used dummy bullet. All collected in Göreme.

the longest-term project makes a milestone

I’ve been making 3D bow-tie blocks since early 2006. Shayne taught me the block. I thought, I never do hand-piecing, but these are cute, maybe by machine. Then a lot of travel opportunities came along…. The hand-piecing kit has travelled with me to Sydney, Canberra, Thredbo, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Gore, Ngatea, Whakatane and Mangonui. And just to and from work! Hours of travel have been rescued from boredom, and I’ve talked with, demonstrated and shared the project with many friends and strangers.

About 540 blocks later, it was time to stop making blocks and start making a quilt. Arranging blocks is one of my most favourite things. A week’s solitary retreat to Henny Penny’s house was the perfect opportunity.

Bush walks , swimming and composing a quilt, could there be a better holiday? By the end of the week the trusty Featherweight had stitched all the vertical seams, linking the blocks into 6 strips 4×22 blocks wide. Back at home I’m slowly finishing the horizontal piecing to bring it all together. I’ve got an idea for a pieced backing, and for the quilting design. NOT by hand

Now I need a new hand-piecing project!