I’ve brought a few tools (needles, scissors, pliers) and a little handful of threads. Every other material must be found.

Here I’m patching together SHINY teabag packets. This in response to realising that my darling little stone house has no mirror to a check how fabulous i look each morning. A totally non-functional activity probably deserves a totally non-functional artwork.

Quite a few of the rubbishy things I’ve been gathering are shiny. I’m a magpie from way back! This is a fun way to use them for once.

There’s nothing like a change of location and lifestyle to bring to mind how much is automatic. I have no idea what will come out of this and most days that’s ok.


Mapping my mind

80 days of travel through 12 countries….

I saw a lot of beautiful or interesting places, objects, people. None of these will be recognisable in what I make next. Pictures are not my talent!

The mindmaps pictured above my desk are a start at describing some of the ideas or images that came to me in those beautiful places.  I had time to think, to be intrigued, to make connections. 

Mindmapping was a good method to move all of that internal value to the external, physical world. A big step toward making…

What next?

Immediately: the greeting phase

I’ll kiss the humans, walk on my beach, go to rehearsal. 

Short term: unpacking phase

  • I’ll find a basket or bowl for the Given Things/Found Objects and put them on my workbench. 
  • I’ll download all the photos off my phone.
  • I’ll get a big sheet of paper and mindmap all the ideas I can remember.

That should keep me busy for a couple of days.  Within a week I’ll be in the throes of making something!

I’m going to look for an opportunity to exhibit again within a year. And I have a Great Big Shiny Idea for action in about 15 months time. More about that later. 

Bring home the…

Enough about what I took, and what I took it in. The important thing, or one of them, is, What am I bringing back?

There are a few physical souvenirs, not many. More significantly, I’ve collected images, ideas and themes along the way. 

You know I don’t tend to explain my work, I prefer to let you look at it and see what you see. But here are some of the ideas you will see in my work over the next few months. Probably longer

  • The wall
  • The arch
  • The street as servant of the building. 
  • or the reverse 
  • The dove (or pigeon)
  • The sacrificial woman
  • Direction and “handedness”
  • The hand
  • Water in the dry land
  • Stairs. So many stairs
  • Charity and the fast

Keep a sharp lookout for these, they may be heavily disguised.