Studio day

Studio interior, work table covered with Stuff

That lovely snow makes it a bit chilly. What a surprise!

Today, a studio day, playing with the bits and pieces I’ve picked up here. Painted papers collaged with scraps of receipts and other rubbishy things. Sometimes a little stitching. Junk is local! Here’s an early shot of one that’s now in the (improvised) press.

Composition of pink & green papers, receipts and found knit fabric scrap


Batting on

I really like batting (wadding to our English pals). It’s soft and friendly. Why hide it inside the quilt always?

It’s got enough body to be sculpted,folded batting in a long banner form

…has enticing texture, and…closeup of stitch lines  compressing batting

 …takes colour!painted batting  

Expect to see more of it in my work. 

Showing now!

  In case you missed it! I’m currently showing my recent work at Kumeu Arts Centre along with photomontage/print works by the very talented Kirsten Reid. 
It’s been a challenging and rewarding process. 

Kirsten captures the spirit of the coast and our local landscape through her dramatic photomontage, printmaking and mixed media artworks. Sarah works with textiles using a diverse range of traditional and modern techniques, her abstract style putting a contemporary spin on the heritage of abstract quilt designs. With a shared fascination for the omnipresent layer and ‘components making up the whole’, they come together for this exhibition inspired by the textures, light, shapes and colours seen around them.

Some pics here 

This little piggy…

…goes to market.  The inaugural Muriwai Twilight Christmas Market, to be precise.  Neighbour Erin, a person who Gets Things Done, has assembled a dream team of local artists, artisans and craftspersons to make your Christmas gift-finding easy and pleasant.

as she says… “Avoid the malls and come and support local Artists. Jewellery, Art, natural skin care products, candles, photography, harakeke weaving, plants, clothing, toys. Food and beverages, live music and fun for the kids”

We’re at the fabulous new Muriwai Surf Club (100 Jack Butt Lane), December 6th, from 4pm

Meanwhile, I’m stitching at top speed to have a full table.  See you there!


Unbundling 1

I wrote earlier about sorting and bundling fabrics to make a quilt kit. Like this one:

Unroll the bundle and spread the fabrics out, paying attention to the piece sizes and the proportion of lights to darks. Think about the feelings and ideas that the colours evoke. Make up a working title that refers to those feelings. I’m calling this Misty Garden for now.

Next step: Composition- how to arrange the fabrics

Topping up the crucibles

I don’t buy much quilting fabric any more. Honestly! Most of what I’m making these days comes primarily from the “stash”.

Just like a great pantry, the stash needs restocking sometimes. Today at the Auckland Guild’s Festival of Quilts I selected some fun sample pieces – no idea what I’ll use them for! and composed a range of batiks for a tiny Bargello colourwash. Kerry at Tulis Fabrics is my favourite batik supplier.



They also serve who only stand and puff

Sometimes my role as Fairy Godmother includes being a stand-in Gymnnastics Mom.  It’s a highly specialised form of sideline athlete. 

Today’s challenge involved cardio-vascular fitness, aesthetic sensibility and marshalling tiny gymnast-siblings into a production line.

Yes – the moms and tinies prepped the practice gym for tomorrow’s junior competition. My favourite bit: the balloon walk!