What next?

Immediately: the greeting phase

I’ll kiss the humans, walk on my beach, go to rehearsal. 

Short term: unpacking phase

  • I’ll find a basket or bowl for the Given Things/Found Objects and put them on my workbench. 
  • I’ll download all the photos off my phone.
  • I’ll get a big sheet of paper and mindmap all the ideas I can remember.

That should keep me busy for a couple of days.  Within a week I’ll be in the throes of making something!

I’m going to look for an opportunity to exhibit again within a year. And I have a Great Big Shiny Idea for action in about 15 months time. More about that later. 


Setting up shop

Today I opened my Etsy shop – a key item in my plan to be a self-sustaining artist. 

You’ll see the sofaQuilts I still have in hand from last year’s busy stitching.

Please take a look and do any or all of the following:

  • let me know what you think
  • Share with your pals
  • Buy a sofaQuilt!

Thanks as always for your interest and encouragement 😘

Life as a working artist. Part 7, Getting more businesslike

I’ve spent the last year taking giant steps towards being a self-supporting artist and artisan.

I have always made stuff – for myself and others. Sometimes people bought it. 
That was cool, but always seemed accidental, awkward, surprising even! and the transaction was clumsy.
This year I’ve made a number of large original quilts under commission and a range of smaller quilts for sale as designer decor items.
I’ve also made small works for exhibition and was delighted when one was purchased through the gallery.
I’m enjoying the change in my ability to be comfortable with valuing my wirk in this way
Getting more organised

Life as a working artist. Part 2, Early introduction.

The format of this post title complies (if my memory serves me) with the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd revision (aka AACR2) for titles of the individual parts of multipart works, where these titles have both numeric and textual components.

In other words, I have been a cataloguer.
Why the confession/demonstration?  Reviewing Con’s list of #blogJune participants against my draft posts, I felt I needed to assert my library chops – because I won’t be talking much about current library practice.
For most of my working life I’ve thought of myself as a librarian, though I don’t hold a library degree.
In the 1st caterpillar phase I shelved books at the local public library, learning about order, searching on microfiche and film, caring for serials, profiling and selecting for housebound customers, managing volunteers, most importantly delivering service to a community.  My colleagues were clever, well-educated women with an amazing work ethic and esprit de corps. We had so much fun.
We also worked through the mission that is a green-fields library computer system implementation – from card catalog/circulation to a menu-based amber screen system. 
Then I went to library school and moved on to 10 years of cataloging. Books, yes but also music (sheet & recorded), MBA videos, journals, newspaper articles, exhibition catalogs, jigsaw puzzles, toys, artworks, a rug, a banana and my favourite : packets of chocolate biscuits.
I learned about meticulousness, accuracy with speed, judgement, access, supporting discovery, indexing. My colleagues were clever, well-educated women with an amazing work ethic and esprit de corps. We had so much fun.

[Part 3, Later introduction will follow]

The deep end of the Exhibits Hall

Today was my first ever session as a sales person on “booth duty” in the conference exhibition hall.  I went as a training exercise, to “observe and learn from the best”

That was the theory. And I did. For a while. After that, it got kinda busy, and there were customers waiting, and a spare demo station, so…

…I joined in.

Scary? yes. Educational? definitely. Fun? hell, yeah!

One more sleep!!!

One more sleep until I hop on the Big plane and go to Chicago and San Francisco. I’m filled with my usual mixture of excitement and dread.

Excitement is for everything, no matter how prosaic. Different money. Drinking rootbeer. Having another Summer. Being completely among strangers. At the Bean. Walking on the other side of the footpath, I mean sidewalk. Dusting off the other vocabulary! 

Dread is only my normal background worry, amplified and emphasized by the change of environment. It’s not about other people or places, only about me. What will I forget? What will I lose? Will I get lost and be embarrassingly late? What part of my plans will turn out to have a stupid gap?

The good thing about this is it’s entirely under my control & I have loads of practice in dealing with it. All of those worries can be managed with a dose of relaxation. Chill out Sarah!  I’m certainly not going to let a little thing like Dread cancel out my excitement and spoil the enjoyment. Just like I don’t at home.

Everything packed except my medication, toothbrush and undies. I don’t know why I usually leave these until last. I’m certainly never going to forget them again…

I’ll do my best to keep up the daily posts and share the excitement.