Linear marks

A palette of thread colours for one area.

I’m still experimenting with the order I stitch the different colours. I used to start with the mid-tone. Often I ran out of room for the highlights & lowlights. If I start at one end of the range sometimes I don’t make it to the other end. 
Recently I’ve been starting with the lightest colour. Then switching to the darkest. Alternating light and dark, moving toward finishing in-fill using the mid-tone. This seems to be working well. 

Lightest threads stitched, beginning the darkest

It never ceases to amaze me how the thread stitches out on a white ground -darker and less colourful than it appears on the reel. Experimenting is essential!


Marking progress

Laying down the foundation rows of stitching. These secure the fabric strips. And provide a framework for later stitching. 

I’m pleased with how it’s going. 

Progress is slow. Not least because I seem to be a little clumsy right now. The pins are extremely sharp. It’s a deadly combination for these cream-coloured works. Next up, working with red!

Mapping my mind

80 days of travel through 12 countries….

I saw a lot of beautiful or interesting places, objects, people. None of these will be recognisable in what I make next. Pictures are not my talent!

The mindmaps pictured above my desk are a start at describing some of the ideas or images that came to me in those beautiful places.  I had time to think, to be intrigued, to make connections. 

Mindmapping was a good method to move all of that internal value to the external, physical world. A big step toward making…

What next?

Immediately: the greeting phase

I’ll kiss the humans, walk on my beach, go to rehearsal. 

Short term: unpacking phase

  • I’ll find a basket or bowl for the Given Things/Found Objects and put them on my workbench. 
  • I’ll download all the photos off my phone.
  • I’ll get a big sheet of paper and mindmap all the ideas I can remember.

That should keep me busy for a couple of days.  Within a week I’ll be in the throes of making something!

I’m going to look for an opportunity to exhibit again within a year. And I have a Great Big Shiny Idea for action in about 15 months time. More about that later.